2ndThe inimitable Brian Billow took home the Bronze Clio in the category of Commercials Under :60 for his Procter & Gamble campaign out of Saatchi & Saatchi New York. Billow flexes his comedic muscle in the awarded Luvs spot, hilariously juxtaposing the difference experience makes when it comes to anxious first-time moms frantically boiling pacifiers and savvy second-timers reflexively sanitizing kid #2’s binky with their own saliva.

Read more about Brian’s Luvs campaign on Adweek and Creativity.

Iconoclast directing duo We Are From LA scored a Gold Clio triple-hitter for their wildly popular 24-hour music video for Pharrell Williams’ smash “Happy.” The interactive dance-fest is the first of its kind, encouraging viewers to switch between sequences in the days worth of footage featuring strangers and famous faces grooving along to the track. “Happy” earned the Gold Clio in Branded Entertainment & Content Product/Service, Digital/Social for Desktop/Laptop/Website, and the third Gold Award in Digital/Social for User Experience.

Experience 5 minutes or 24 whole hours of “Happy” here.




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