Anonymous Content Gallery Features Burton Morris Art

Burton Morris

Renowned pop artist Burton Morris is gracing the halls of Anonymous Content’s Culver City studio with his Icons series.

Depicting his bold, graphic representations of modern objects and icons, the 38 curated pieces showcase Morris’ distinctive style as characterized by vivid colors and radiant black outlines.  Morris’ iconic artwork is a mainstay in pop culture. He was commissioned to create the presidential guitar for Obama, the 76th Academy Awards signature image which was seen by one billion viewers, and artwork for some of the most notorious global sporting events including The Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and MLB All Stars Game. Collectors of his art include Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves and the late Roy E Disney.

Burton Morris

Burton Morris’s most recent work is his much-anticipated mixed-media series of 100 unique Coca-Cola inspired canvases, celebrating 100 years of of the iconic glass Coca-Cola bottle.

Burton Morris Burton Morris