Nic Mathieu

Director, Anonymous Content

Nic Mathieu’s commercials convey dramatic stories, often driven by fantastical accents. He got started early, taking an original video game project to Virgin Interactive when he was only 16. It blossomed into a 30-day, $1 million shoot and marked Mathieu’s directorial debut. You’ll recognize his handiwork in Cadillac’s iconic Super Bowl spot “Turbulence,” the Orgy promo “Fiction|Dreams in Digital,” and ethereal spots for Banca Generali (“The King of the Sea”) and Cacharel (“Nemo”). 

Mathieu was born stateside but moved to Paris when he was 12, where he spent the next 10 years shaping what could aptly be described as a painterly directing aesthetic. (He admires the work of surrealists, the dark canvases of Goya and Géricault, and the sketches of da Vinci.)  He learned hand-drawn animation then cell animation, later translating these fundamentals to a fluency in CG. “I love shooting live action,” Mathieu explains. “But I’m drawn to things we haven’t seen before and VFX are often a part of that. I don’t put them in a separate box. They’re part of the continuum of filmmaking.”

Mathieu enjoys the process of commercial making, in particular the problem solving that brings a sophisticated idea to life.  He cites his own experience traveling to places like Cairo, Dunedin, NZ and Nairobi vs. the backdrops seen in other films, as inspiration for his own work. In addition to creating short cinematic experiences in commercials, Mathieu is developing feature projects with Warner Bros. and Fox.


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