The talent management division represents many of the most successful directors, writers, actors, and comedians working today.

Thirty-four managers, whose expertise extends across the entertainment industry, actively work with clients to provide counsel, generate opportunities, and cultivate, create, and develop film and television projects for production. Anonymous Content’s talent division is able to leverage its grasp, throughout the entertainment community, to package the industry’s leading talent at each stage of the creative process.

Our clients have been recognized with many prestigious prizes, including Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tonys and the Pulitzer Prize.


  • Adam Shulman
    Ale Catanese
    Alex Goldstone
    Amar Hansen
    Bard Dorros
    Brooke Ehrlich
    Carolyn Govers
    Chad Hamilton
    Charlie Scully
    Dara Gordon
    David Kanter
    Doreen Wilcox-Little
  • Doug Wald
    Eli Selden
    Geoffrey Sanford
    Heather Nunn
    Jacob Perlin
    Jeff Okin
    Kami Putnam-Heist
    Kathleen Antonelli
    Keith Redmon
    Kim Hodgert
    Kristina Moore
    Luke Rivett
  • Meredith Rothman
    Nicole Romano
    Nina Soriano
    Robyn Meisinger
    Rosalie Swedlin
    Ryan Cunningham
    Sandra Chang
    Sarah Weichel
    Stephen Simbari
    Tariq Merhab
    Tony Lipp
    Trevor Adley