Tomas Jonsgården

Director, Anonymous Content

No matter the format, Tomas Jonsgården can tell a big story. His commercials for brands such as Lenovo, Volvo, Mercedes, Sony, Toyota and women’s retailer KappAhl convey a sense of past, present and future more typical of feature films.

His latest integrated project for Lenovo—“Seize the Night”—via Saatchi & Saatchi NY, is a mini-thriller that features Lenovo’s new Ultrabook among its ensemble cast. His KappAhl collaboration with Richard Gere, via ANR BBDO, puts a charming spin on how fashionable choices make a woman inspire her archetype man; it was so successful that Gere insisted Jonsgården direct his next commercial project.

Jonsgården attended university in the small town of Uppsala Sweden. He was born into a family of academics and raised to question and wonder, a gift that turned his interest from music to photography to directing. He honed his directing skills early in his career working as a still photographer under Mattias Edwall, one of Sweden’s influential shooters of fashion and editorial, as well as advertising. As Jonsgården’s career evolved to the moving image, so too did his attention for creating beautiful imagery. He often collaborates with acclaimed cinematographers such as Kasper Tuxen, Stefan Czapsky, Affonso Beato and Jan Velicky, among others. 

Jonsgården has earned honors from Cannes, Epica, Eurobest, New York Festivals and the Chicago International Film Festival. In 2007, he was voted "The Most Successful Commercial Director” in Sweden and Finland from the major agencies and the renowned ad-magazine Dagens Media.

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