Anonymous Content Gets into the Game with Super Bowl 50

Anonymous Content, along with our partners, were honored to be a part of Super Bowl 50. With so many spots in The Big Game, we spent Sunday focused more on the ads than on the football.

Shock Top – Unfiltered Talk
Director: Luke Greenfield
Production Company: Anonymous Content

Budweiser – Not Backing Down
Director: Chris Sargent
Production Company: Anonymous Content

Butterfinger – Bull Rider
Director: Armando Bo
Production Company: Anonymous Content/Rebolucion

Pokemon – Train On
Director: Paul Geusebroek
Production Company: Iconoclast

Turkish Airlines – Fly to Gotham City
Directors: Nick Gordon & Warner Bros.
Production Company: Somesuch/Warner Bros.


In addition, Luke and the Shock Top crew got in the post Super Bowl banter with a review of all of yesterday’s game time ads.


Finally, our Anonymous Content family includes Eugene Levy, who was featured in both the Snickers gametime ad, ‘Marilyn’, as well as a slew of online featurettes, one of which aired during Colbert’s Late Show.