ADULT WORLD starring Emma Roberts Opens This Weekend


Our latest production to hit movie screens is the indie comedy, “Adult World”, starring Emma Roberts as Amy, a would-be poet who ends up working in a store selling adult videos.

John Cusack stars as a washed-up but published poet who Amy decides should be her mentor. The movie was written by client Scott Coffey, and written by client Andy Cochran.

The LA Times reviews the movie here, saying that “Writer Andy Cochran shows off a truly authentic voice in his delightfully off-kilter script for “Adult World,” a smart, incisive comedy about a recent college grad’s booby-trapped immersion into real lifeā€¦ Brimming with sharp asides and clever throwaways (Billings’ passing parsing of nom de plume and nom de guerre, for one), plus astute observations on literary pretension and misguided youth, “Adult World” is a winner.”