Autumn de Wilde Unveils the design process behind the 2015 Escalade

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 2.47.47 PM“I thought I knew how cars were made, and I was so wrong. I was really inspired by the people I met, the artisans. And they work so beautifully as a team. So that gave me the idea for the portraits …”
—Autumn de Wilde



Cadillac handpicked photographer and director Autumn de Wilde to produce a series of portraits and a behind-the-scenes film highlighting the design process behind the 2015 Escalade. She shot portraits of Cadillac craftsmen, photographed the car and created an experience that was part of the car’s unveiling. Autumn’s immersive process compelled Cadillac to make her a subject of a documentary short. She explained, “I immerse myself in the world of my subjects. I suppose it’s not unlike a method actor’s approach sometimes. My job is to give the audience even more of a reason to form a crush on this person or this object.”

ELLE spoke to Autumn about her latest work as brand ambassador for Cadillac, and her defining body of work that includes intimate portraits of artists and entertainers, music videos and more.
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