Jacquemus “Champagne”

Visa “Everyone’s Mountain”

UNHCR “The Journey”

Mercedes “Valet Guys”

Nikon “It Starts With A Detail”

Adidas “Feel the Boost”

Corona “This is Living”

LG “Bye Bye Panties”

New Amsterdam Vodka “Pour Your Soul”

Mami Wata “Woza”

Bob Marley “Easy Skanking”

  • 1Jacquemus “Champagne”
  • 2Visa “Everyone’s Mountain”
  • 3UNHCR “The Journey”
  • 4Mercedes “Valet Guys”
  • 5Nikon “It Starts With A Detail”
  • 6Adidas “Feel the Boost”
  • 7Corona “This is Living”
  • 8LG “Bye Bye Panties”
  • 9New Amsterdam Vodka “Pour Your Soul”
  • 10Mami Wata “Woza”
  • 11Bob Marley “Easy Skanking”