Apple “A Brand New Flavor”

McDonald’s “Sunbathing”

Dell “The Journey”

Eurostar “See More”

Squarespace “Garage”

Stella “Respect”

Chobani “The Wonderful World Of Less”

Uniqlo “The Science Of Lifewear”

Adele “Send My Love”

Beck “Nausea”

Feist “1234”

  • 1Apple “A Brand New Flavor”
  • 2McDonald’s “Sunbathing”
  • 3Dell “The Journey”
  • 4Eurostar “See More”
  • 5Squarespace “Garage”
  • 6Stella “Respect”
  • 7Chobani “The Wonderful World Of Less”
  • 8Uniqlo “The Science Of Lifewear”
  • 9Adele “Send My Love”
  • 10Beck “Nausea”
  • 11Feist “1234”